America’s Vulnerabilities Remain During The “Peaceful” Transition of Power – By William Medici

United States of America
November 9, 2016
By William Medici
It has been argued that America is at its most vulnerable during the transition of executive power from the incumbent to the president-elect. The uncertainty begins the day after the election and runs for more than 70 days up until the day of the inauguration which is typically scheduled for the third week of January.
This year is no exception. After a divisive and heated election, including the request by one candidate to invite an adversary to commit cyber espionage against his opponent, the stakes couldn’t be any higher. Sure, we’ve been at war in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq during the transition of previous presidents, and even faced a hostage crisis that took place in Iran just prior to the 1980 election which had a significant influence on the outcome between President Carter and Ronald Reagan, but at no time in recent history have we elected someone with a scant notion of what it means to lead the most powerful nation in the world. Therein lies the issue.
The “peaceful” transition of power includes the president-elect’s acceptance of the institutions that keep the country running along with those that keep us safe. President-elect Trump dismissed the intelligence community as a whole during the campaign. He denigrated the men and women who work tirelessly to protect the American people by contradicting the briefing he received that stated, among other things, Russia was the one who hacked into the DNC.
Although far from perfect, our intelligence agencies continue to gather and analyze information that allow our policymakers, including Mr. Trump and those he will be appointing, the ability to make critical and informed decisions which in turn help to keep our country competitive and protected.
We should expect that our adversaries and other groups that mean to do us harm are going to try to do just that. And, we know these groups will try to gain operational advantage through cyber and other covert means. Therefore, we must remain vigilant against those groups along with the lone wolves who are planning to commit terrorist acts on our homeland.
Threats against our democracy do not only come from external forces, it can come from those who reject for example, the presidential election results. Our country is incredible for the simple fact that we abide by the constitution and everyone of us pledges our allegiance to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
I had the honor to have served under four presidents and although I may have disagreed with certain policies they wanted to enact, I held the office in high regard, for all of them were my president. Today, nothing has changed. Except the transition of one president to another.

William Medici is an entrepreneur, adviser, writer & producer, media contributor and philanthropist.