Trump and the Art of the Daily Intelligence Briefing – By William Medici

November 26, 2016
By William Medici
There is a saying that goes ‘People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’ For those of you that have followed the President-elect on Twitter during the last two weeks, you are not alone in thinking that Trump’s thin-skin could be a real liability for America. If he is going to rail against protesters and media outlets that he feels are being “unfair” to him, imagine what he may do if one of our adversaries presses him hard on an issue.
While Trump assembles his team and cabinet, he only has to hire another 4,000 people or so, one of my sources in Trump Tower (where I had my office) has confirmed what some people have long thought, that Donald Trump didn’t think he would win the election and tried to do just about everything he could do to lose. It was said that he could hardly believe that he was elected.
We do not have to rehash what Trump said or what he did during the campaign, but we should look at what he didn’t do over the 15 plus months he ‘campaigned to be president.’ Perhaps the most important thing he neglected or just refused to do, was to read and learn about what it means to have the awesome responsibility of being the president of the United States of America. My source told me that he was actually not interested in learning anything because Trump’s goal was to finish either second or third during the Republican Primary.
The fact that Trump was not interested in acquiring any knowledge during the campaign should not surprise anyone who read the story in the Washington Post about him refusing to receive classified intelligence briefings. This should tell you exactly what Trump’s priorities are. For example, his refusal to acknowledge that the Russians were conducting covert operations or as Russians say “active measures” during the campaign and attacked our democracy was an affront to the intelligence community and the hardworking and very talented men and women who serve our country.
I’ve said it before, our intelligence agencies are far from perfect, I know this first-hand, still, the president is their most important customer and the briefings are meant to give Trump and the policymakers he will be appointing, the ability to make critical and informed decisions which in turn help to keep our country competitive and protected.
There is another saying that goes ‘Be careful what you wish for’ and this can apply to both the President-elect and the people who voted for him. If you voted for him hoping that he would make some behavior modifications once he entered office, you grossly misjudged the man. Trump is 70 years-old and he is not going to magically change because he ended up winning the election. His need to be liked and adored came from his yearning to be acknowledged and respected by his father, Fred when Donald was growing-up in Queens. Fred Trump was the driving force behind Donald’s insatiable appetite to win at everything he does. The election is over and Donald Trump will be the President and Donald Trump is having difficulty accepting this because he didn’t take the process seriously and he did not prepare for the job.
The majority of voters who did not vote for Trump remain skeptical about his ability to lead and are worried that he will defer critical decision making to his loyal, but somewhat questionable inner-circle who have expressed extremist views on a number of national security issues. This includes the real possibility that members of his campaign and perhaps even Trump himself colluded with the Russians in order to defeat Clinton – which is exactly what Vladimir Putin wanted.
If you are hoping that President-Elect Trump will get serious about his responsibilities and that he would want to do everything he can do, including receiving and digesting the intelligence briefings to keep our country competitive and safe, I would say only this: don’t get too comfortable.
William Medici is an entrepreneur, adviser, writer & producer, media contributor and philanthropist.